Hand-feeding squirrels!

So I haven’t posted in a while, so I wanted to write about something I have been enjoying recently at the start of this new year. During the last few weekends I have been visiting a beautiful park for the walk, the fresh air..but ultimately, just for the squirrels 🙂 I never knew how tame squirrels could be until now! Ever since i’ve discovered this, I literally want to keep going back every weekend to feed them! We take a bag of squirrel feed/peanuts (for animals) and head into the park, shaking the bag as we go. It’s not long before you catch a glimpse of a bushy ghost-like tail, and a little furry creature scampering across the grass towards you at surprising speed. With few people or dogs around, the squirrels are confident, and come right up to you 🙂 

One time, before we realised the squirrels were so tame, we only had swan and geese feed with us. Hearing the sound of the bag shake, the squirrels were intially interested, but then did an about-turn when they realised you didnt have what they wanted. This time though, the squirrels were more than happy with what we had to offer (you might want to wear gloves though as sometimes they nip when they are ‘testing’ what is in front of them).

We even fed them from the trees – now that’s room service 😉 

The point of all this is that it truely is such a relaxing and wonderful experience to spend time in and interacting with nature. Every time ive spent that time breathing in the fresh air of the woods, listening to the chattering of  the birds (I wonder what they are saying) and hand-feeding the squirrels and other wildlife we come across, I leave the park feeling refreshed, revived and at ease. Time in nature is time for the mind to rest, renew and be present with all the wonder of the beautiful surroundings. Try it yourself and let me know what you think about spending time with these beautiful animals 🙂


6 thoughts on “Hand-feeding squirrels!

  1. Kira says:

    I understand the appeal of feeding squirrels by hand but it’s a really bad idea. In the long run you are harming them by doing so. You are also putting yourself and other people at risk. When wild animals lose their fear of humans it can result in disaster.


      • Kira says:

        It’s not just the food being unhealthy for them that’s a concern. It’s that if they lose their fear of humans they’re more likely to become aggressive and attack them to try to get food, they’re more likely to approach cars and get run over and they’re more likely to put themselves around dogs and cats that will prey on them. When groups of them start gathering around humans to compete for food that can cause unnatural crowding, resulting in aggression between animals that causes injury and spreading of disease. These days a lot of parks have signs telling you not to feed the wildlife and will fine you if you’re caught doing it. Sorry if I sound preachy. I love animals and I fed wildlife myself as a child but I now realize that since I love them I shouldn’t feed them because it’s harmful.


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